Amazing Ways to Organize Your Storage Space

Article Written By: Amazing Jackie of Amazing Spaces Storage Centers A challenging aspect of renting self-storage is how to properly organize your space so you make the most of every inch.  When our clients see their unit for the first time, first thing will come to their minds is how... Continue reading

Amazing Christmases Start at Amazing Storage (Yes, Really!)

Christmas in Storage Can be a Christmas Miracle When you think of Christmas, storage space is probably the last thing on your mind.  And really, who can blame you?  I even work at Amazing Spaces and when I think of Christmas, I think of the cookies, the music, and... Continue reading

8 Things to Ask When Shopping for Storage

Are you shopping for storage?  If it’s your first or second time looking for storage, it can be difficult to know what to ask in order to ensure you’ve found a place that will truly keep your items secure.  That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 8 things to ask... Continue reading

Organizing Your Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit and putting your items inside of it seems fairly self-explanatory, right? While just putting the items you’d like to store inside the unit is fine, if you go into this task with a plan for organizing your storage unit you will find that it is... Continue reading

Storing Gym Equipment

Best Practices in Moving and Storing Gym Equipment You never know what you need to be put into storage.  Whether you own a gym or have a home gym of your own, you probably realize that one of the trickier items to move and store is your at-home gym equipment. ... Continue reading

How Climate Control Storage Keeps Your Items Safe

Summer is here! Temperatures are rising and while you’re planning how to keep yourself and your family cool during these hot months, there is absolutely no need to worry about items in storage as long as you have climate controlled unit. Chances are, if you’re going out to get a storage... Continue reading

Vehicle Organization

  Considering how much time we spend in our vehicles these days, we should probably try to make them as comfortable and organized as possible to fit our needs. Below are a few tips for how to organize the inside of your vehicle: Clean up any trash- The first step... Continue reading

Make Your Business Amazing

Self-storage is a great solution for all types and sizes of business. Whether you’re looking to store short-term during an office expansion or you want to store items long-term to help de-clutter your work space, you can find the answer in self-storage. It’s proved to be such a successful business solution... Continue reading

February Freeze – Outdoor Storage Tips for When the Weather Changes

A lot of people may consider climate-controlled storage during the hot and humid summer months but it’s not something we generally think about it when it’s cold outside. This is still an issue that needs to be tended to in order to ensure the safety and preservation of your belongings. Just because it’s... Continue reading

The Myths and Facts of Renting Storage Online

If you’ve never rented a storage unit before, the process of an online rental may seem intimidating.  When we were moving to Houston, I saw that Amazing Spaces had the capabilities to rent online, but I was afraid of messing up somehow.  Luckily, I was able to rent my unit... Continue reading